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I need to replace the yard hydrant, which leaks all the time through the weep hole whenever the water is on.  Everything is so rusted, I cannot get it apart to fix or adjust. The present hydrant is a red Waterford 1" i.d. pipe, 1.25" o.d. 2' bury (for central OK). There is a 1" supply line from the well.  But a 3/4" fitting is at the bottom of the 1" pipe, and, of course, the garden hose fitting is less than 1" diameter.  Hydrants in 3/4" i.d. are easy to find (Home Depot, Amazon) but 1" are not (i.e., Y1-2 vs Y34-2).  What is the benefit of having a 1" i.d. pipe with a garden hose fitting at the end over having a 3/4" i.d. pipe?  Flow of water is restricted to smallest diameter.  What would happen if I installed a hydrant with 3/4" i.d. instead of 1" pipe?  Thanks!.


Yes, you would have less flow, but you should be aware of the fact that anything in the water well or plumbing department from big box stores is going to be far less quality than brand name products from normal suppliers who sell wholesale to installers.  I buy from Baker Monitor who makes yard hydrants and other water well related products.  Their products are the quality I would want if I was going to go the trouble to install one. You can see their products here:
If you find one you like, let me know and I'll get you a price.


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