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I have a 1/2 hp jet pump. 20/40 pressure switch, 20 gal blatter tank. Took 20/40 switch off, replaced with 40/60 switch. Pump comes on ok but won't shut off. Hovers aroud 50 psi. Sounds good just doesn't increase pressure and won't reach 60 psi and shut off. All plumbing is sound. Have cut-off ball valve at pump. When closed still same problem. Put old 20/40 switch back on works fine. Need help.

You didn't say what kind or brand of pump, but I'm assuming it's a jet pump.  Shallow well jet pumps typically poop out at a maximum of 60 psi.  The water level in the well can take away from the pumps ability to make 60 psi as can friction loss through pipe etc.  Fifty is apparently all your jet pump is going to make without making some changes to the venturi tube in the jet.  If you can't find a venturi with a smaller ID hole, the next thing would be a two stage pump (a pump with two impellers), the extra impeller is good for another 30 psi or so.  They make two stage pumps that can have a jet bolted on the front for lots of pressure.

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