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Bathtub drain
Bathtub drain  

I just bought a condo in S. Cal. and none of my plumbing fixtures have any stoppers.  I think I am figuring out the sinks, but am unsure what type of stopper my tubs use.  I bought a stopper at Home Depot and it was the wrong type.  Thought I could just screw it in, but not sure whether my drain takes a screw in.  Here's a pic.  Can you help me out?  If I can't figure it out, I was considering ordering a universal NuFit push and pull stopper online and gluing it on... (if it'll fit the area).  The diameter of the actual opening area of the physical drain is about 1-3/4 inches and the whole diameter of the fixture itself is about 2.7 inches.  Think it's about an inch and a half deep (to the cross).

Hello, the stopper or plug for this style tub drain is not a screw in type. There are after market replacements available that will work. There is one type I've used that is the toe actuated type. You still have to replace the shoe(the part of the drain under the tub) BUT, it has always been my experience that the tub shoe plug is proprietary and an integral part of the tub waste and overflow. I would have a plumber replace the entire  unit. On the other hand you could go the simple way and buy a rubber cork that will fit. Any hardware or home center will have them.  

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