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We have recently purchased our first home we are fixing up.  In one of the showers (both are single handle , cant find brand) you can only get hot water and in the other shower you can only get cold.  All the other faucets water pressure and everything is fine.  From what I have read it could be a number of things but I have yet to read about only have one of each temp working in two different bathrooms.  Please advise me on where to start troubleshooting.

Hello, It would help if we knew what brand faucet we are working with but not critical. I need to know how the faucets are turned on and how the temp is adjusted. For ex. :do you pull it on and turn left for hot and right for cold, or Do you twist it right and go from cold and further to hot or do you push up and then twist left or right. This would help identify at least/ what type of faucet control you may have.
The next thing is whether they  are pressure/temp/ balancing type faucets.
My first thought is perhaps there is an obstruction in the faucet. Have you take either of them apart yet?. This is going to be a process of elimination.


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