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1. Can a Water Purifier be designed and constructed which is battery operated instead of the mains power ac supply ?.

2. Can a Remote control be designed for a Water Purifier Machine ?.

3. Which is a Better product among electrical and non electrical water purifier machines ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: I do not sell or service machines like this because where I am, the drinking water is perfectly safe to drink right out of the faucet.  This is true for city water or well water.

If your in the market, do not even consider magnetic filters.  They do nothing.  Reverse Osmosis does a fine job of removing 90% plus, but also lowers the PH of the water considerably.  Distillers remove everything but the H2O but cost a bit to run.  I wouldn't even consider batteries for a distiller because the water has to be boiled and that would take a great amount of heat not available with small batteries.

RO's only work efficiently when the water pressure is upped to around 160 psi, which means running a high pressure pump which would also drain a small battery in short order.


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Regarding point 3, If Water is high contaminated which is a better product among the two?. Electrical or non electrical?.

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Prashant s akerkar

ANSWER: Definitely electrical.  Inline filters are practically useless.  Pressure is needed to make an RO work good and electricity is needed as it is for Distilled water.  The water is boiled and dropped into another canister in the device while all the contaminants are left behind in the first canister.  Just like rain water.  Only the water is turned into a vapor and lifted up into a cloud.

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What will be the setup for well water
Extraction with a water purifier machine
to get pure water from the water purifier Machine?.

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Prashant s akerkar

You would need a pump of some kind to get the water from the well into a pressure tank then into the purifier.  If your looking at a whole house type of filter, a cistern would be needed to contain the processed water.  Here we have a few salt water wells and people use RO to eliminate the salt.  Seems to work quite well.

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