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Hi Jay
I have a full bath that only has luke warm water in shower/tub; does not get hot; but the sink has hot water. And my other bathroom with shower no tub has hot water in shower and sink.

House is about 40 years old; have lived in for 20 years; problem just started recently. Is 50 gal w/h, electric. Nashville, TN.

Bathrooms are back to back but do not share wet-wall. Both elements checked OK with m/meter and T-stat is on 130 degrees. Even pushed reset button on element but no help.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much.

Don,  By the sounds of it, it most likely is a faucet problem. I would shut off the water and take apart the tub/shower faucet and check the cartridge if it's a single handle or the stems and seats if it is a two handle. While you have it apart, hold a pan or container over the opening and have someone turn the water back on for ten or twenty seconds to flush the line. If you notice mineral deposits on the stem(s) soak them in vinegar for an hour or so. This will clean them up by dissolving the crud.
Note: if you have an old faucet that uses faucet washers, check to make sure the washers are not broken and a piece of rubber washer stuck in the hole of the seat it pushes up against.

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