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QUESTION: We are remodeling a men's dressing room rest room in a community theater. The cast iron sink is secured to the wall some how circa 1966 or earlier. It is an old fashion 2 faucet cast iron sink. The base wall is concrete over chicken wire. I looked up the back and can see a ledge but no bolts. There appears to be a rusted cast iron "L" bar of some sort. Do I chip onto the wall and dig it out? Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: Hello. What you didn't really tell me was what you were trying to achieve? Are you trying to remove the sink and throw it away or is it coming off the wall
and is it loose? Or you trying to move the sink and keep it, to another location?  But the answer to one of your questions,
there is a cast iron bracket that attaches to the wall. Saving this bracket is vital and this will be almost impossible to find a replacement.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Removing and throwing it away. It's an old crummy dirty filthy sink. The faucets are even rusted in place and constantly leak. The shut off valves are rusted in the open position.I managed to remove the shut off valves and removed the feed lines.It has a high  back embedded into the concrete back wall.Ergo it is not loose. I capped off the feed lines till the sinks is removed and thrown away.It will be replaced by a new/used vanity. Now do I chip away the concrete back wall to get to the bracket or am I missing something? Oh; how is the sink held onto the wall bracket? Bolts? I used a flash light and can see the cast iron bracket but no attachment bolts.Jerry

I cannot vouch for how THEY did it :) But....the bracket is attached with bolts / screws and the sink hangs on it and COULD of had a pedistal on the bottom to help support the weight....but you didn't really say what type of sink, just a cast iron sink, and there were tons of different styles.  Sounds to me like for SOME reason....they embedded the bracket AND the sink into the wall.  My guess?  1)  They wanted a FLUSH look, more custom and built in, rather than having the back splash stick out farther than the wall OR 2) They were trying to REALLY reinforce it because kids were going to be jumping in it and on it.

Yes, take a sledge and whack away my friend :)  Always try to remember pictures worth their weight in gold :)

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