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Hi. Our house is 30 yrs old, we moved here 10 yrs ago and it never was enough hot water to take shower two people one after another. We were told that the water heater is old. We replaced the oil burner and water heater 2 yrs ago (it's 36 gallons)- and the problem persisted. It didnt got better at all. hot water runs out after 3-4 min. They put something in the shower head so the water runs slower- now the water runs out in 10 min, but we are unable to take a bath- hot water runs out in less than a quarter of a tub. The last plumber told us that it may be a problem of too high water pressure that comes to the house, he'll check it later, but i dont understand how can it be the problem here and i clearly see that the plumbers dont know how to solve it.
Any ideas?
 Thank you,

Can you please tell me if it is a gas or electric water heater? Because I am not aware of a 36 gallon heater. 40,50,80. If
It is a low profile, 38 gallon.

But boy, have you been given a LOT of misinformation!!! First of all, 36 gallon is an extremely small water heater. Nowhere near big enough to take two showers back-to-back, much less a good tub bath. I am guessing you have an electric water heater, because if you run out of hot water after 2 to 3 minutes, then you have an element out on a two element water heater. The pressure thing is ridiculous. Whoever told you that is a....I won't say. If you have an electric water heater, your answer is a very simple one, and you've been surrounded by people who don't know their head from a hole in the ground. It is too small, and you have an element not working properly.

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