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I have a nearly new AquaSource single lever faucet with the pullout spout. I originally installed it with a deck plate to cover 3 holes. Unfortunately I threw away all the extra parts. Now I have remodeled the kitchen and installed granite countertops and a Kraus sink that won't allow the deck plate. I seem to recall that the faucet originally came with a heavy washer or escutcheon to help cover the single hole. I do not have the model numbers and I haven't been able to find a source (manufacturer) that I can contact. I have tried to mount it directly on the granite, but it doesn't swivel properly.
Any suggestion?

"Aqua Source is a brand sold by Lowes. You should be able to contact them directly or Lowes to get a contact number. But it is the cheapest of all faucets :( So wouldn't be a major loss to trash it and buy yourself a MOEN!!! Only Moen :)"

The FIRST sentence of my response answered your question, YOU could not find a source.  I told you the source, not to mention you could have Googled Aquasource and found their website in two seconds and ordered the part, I know, I just looked and there is a part for your faucet.

I am not sure why on earth you think that I am supposed to be a parts locator service for you?
I told you exactly what you needed to know.  YOU lost the part, what do YOU expect me to do for you?  It's a VERY cheap faucet.  Not worth all the effort.  By the time you add up the amount of time involved in finding this swivel adapter, calling them directly and ordering the part, you could have bought a new one and had it installed already.  Not to mention after all this work it will break in a year!!!  Its a CHEAP FAUCET.  

You can afford newgranite counter tops....but not a new $100 Moen faucet to go with it?  You're trying to salvage a faucet with lost parts?  And yet....I get an 8 rating because YOU know more about it than me.

I answered your question, on a PURE volunteer basis, trying to help others for FREE....and you give me an 8????

Go back to sleep and when you wake up, learn to use Google and punch in AquaSource and get the part.  But because I COULDNT tell you to use a large flat washer instead, as you wanted to hear, you give me an 8????  

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