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QUESTION: I have low cold water pressure when I went down to check the psi settings my pump is kicking on a 42 psi and off at 47 psi. Isn't there supposed to be a 20 psi difference between the two and if so how can I adjust it?

ANSWER: Yes there is.  May be hard to explain but I'll give it a shot.  There is a long bolt coming up inside the pressure switch housing (unscrew nut on top and remove cover) Now BE CAREFUL cuz there is live electrical in to turn of power FIRST.  Take a blue handled nut driver or a pair of plyers and screw down on that nut on the long threaded bolt sticking straight up.  

Every 1/4 turn is 1 psi so 4 turns is 4 psi.  That will increse the CUT OFF pressure.  So crank it 10 or so times and this will INCREASE YOUR WATER PRESSURE as a side benefit if you like a lot of pressure :)  Trick of the trade.  So raise it to 57 but keep in mind pump will run longer to achieve that newly found great pressure...

Ok, now do that first and see what it cuts OFF at?  That MAY do the trick and it will be 57 and 42, good enough. But sometimes the whole range goes with it, so it could be 57 and 52, follow me?  There is ANOTHER low to that one and it gets tricky u start messing around with that one too much.  But if it just goes to 52 and 57 then back off of the nut on the little one that looks like the big one next to it.

Also, brand new pressure swiches are fairly cheap($20-$35)and you can get one set at 30/50 vs 20/40 the standard and just swap it out.  Not a hard job and takes about 5-10 minutes but there is a LITTLE plumbing involved...

So you got it?  Open cover.  Look for 2 bolts with nuts on top.  Big one for BIG pressure and little one for little pressure.

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QUESTION: Ok I got that figured out now my next question is this... Is there anyway to backflush the cold water line to remove hardwater buildup.

Ok, I got that figured out, now my next question is???? How about "ok, I got that figured out, THANK YOU!!!"
Whatever happened to manners, simple common courtesy and being respectful, ESPECIALLY to someone who's volunteering their time for free to HELP OTHERS???  Geez.... It's people like you that make me want to quit this!!!

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