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Hello, I have had an epic wrestling match with my Delta tub/shower faucet installation.

The faucet has four brass fitting to which I used Teflon tape , one rotation clockwise around the brass faucet fitting then attached my shark female to 1/2" copper fitting. Well the thread parts on both hot and cold have a slight leak. I have tightened them to the point where I thought I could go no more without damaging the threads. The leaks are slight but what do I do to have no leaks?

Teflon tape sucks  :) unscrew them and for a double sure leak proof connection, wrap it couple
Few times with Teflon tape, the use pipe dope, it has real Teflon in it and is white, NOT yellow or gray, only white. Paste it
Over the fittings and over the Teflon tape and ur good to go.  FYI never one rotation, 3 or 4 at least.

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