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Tub Faucet
Tub Faucet  

The spout for our tub is leaking slowly, but has increased in the past week.  Here's a pic (attached).  To fix the leak, do I replace the diverter (plastic cylinder) in the Hot-Cold section?  If not, how to fix please!  

Thanks very much.

ANSWER: Hello Len,
By the pic I can tell you have a Moen single handle, tub only, faucet. If I understand the problem correctly, the faucet is leaking when it is in the off position. If so, the fix is simple and inexpensive. Since Moen products are guaranteed for life, you can call them at 1-800-BUY-MOEN. After a few brief questions they will send you the replacement part free of charge. The part you need is a new faucet cartridge. Be sure to tell them how your faucet operates. Whether it turns on by pulling out and rotating or just rotating the handle for flow.

It's an easy fix and instructions are with the replacement part. The hot and cold water MUST be shut off before attempting cartridge removal


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Excellent and complete reply!  Thanks very much.  Some quick follow-ups, please:

Will Moen also send the cartridge tool?  Or, do I need to but that separately?  We have a shower which also leaked (Moen...similar to tub) and I bought the catridge at Home Depot myself and replaced it without the special tool.  It seems to work well.  This leads into my second question re: turning off hot and cold water.  Last time, I only shut off the main water valve before changing the shower stall cartridge.  So, will that suffice or should I absolutely turn off hot and cold?

I did not know about the Moen lifetime guarantee!  The home was built in the late 80s (we're the third owners) and has all original faucets, etc.  So, your Moen info will come in very handy!  

Thanks again for the complete reply.  Very much appreciated.

Most times the tool is not necessary. I have only ever needed it a couple of times. Once you remove the retainer clip the cartridge should pull out with a pair of pliers or channel locks. When you install the new cartridge, it is a good idea to lube it with plumbers grease. Some of us old timers use petroleum jelly. Back in the day, the cart.came with a small supply of grease. If you want to buy it, it called heat-proof grease. You can also use food grade lube. The factory coats the new cartridges as well so if you handle it gingerly  it should suffice.
Turning off the main is the best way to shut off both hot and cold.
When you call MOEN, they may ask the age of the faucet, usually not an issue but 5-8 years is a good answer.(wink-wink)

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