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I know that we have calcium in our water.  The water from our community well is horrible.  We try to flush our hot water heater, but it fills up quickly because of the amount of minerals that come through.  We are constantly cleaning the traps on the faucets and it helps for a little while and then plugs right back up.  The hot water has great pressure, but the cold water is barely a trickle most of the time.  It's causing our new washer to quit in during the rinse cycle because it's not getting enough cold water.  I need to get this fixed.  The guy who handles our water maintenance on the community well suggested adding a "Shark Bite" fitting with a tee so that we can, one at a time, blow out each line, starting with the outside faucet.  I'm all for taking suggestions, but before I start cutting on pipes and adding things and blowing things out, I'd like to get a second opinion.  Have you seen anything like this?  And what would your recommendation be?  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Most customers on a well system experience hard water issues.  A water softener is your only way out and is a VERY common addition to any well water system.  A whole house filter will not help.

So for a true, 100% cure, install one.  They are sold now at places like Lowe's and Home Depot relatively cheap, $500 range, cheaper online.  Then you have to add in the install price.  There are also companies like Culligan Water that specialize in this, but expect to pay a PREMIUM price doing it through them, versus buying it and paying someone to install it.  In the long run, you'll save a small fortune doing it that way.

Also there are many online companies that are very good, selling it and then having a free tech support number to call with problems or issues. This is one I have dealt with and had good results:

Calcium is hard water, most well water is hard, yours harder than most.  After a while, a few months, the soft water will start to reverse the process within the pipes and do a natural cleansing of them.

As far as "blowing out the lines"???  That's just funny.  I would stay clear of such doings.  And you don't need a shark bite to do that, just a tee with a valve.  But you're not really addressing your problem that way, you're putting a bandaid over the REAL issue.  Blowing out the lines will help for that very moment, but it's just going to build right back up again.

If you MUST do it, why put in a shark bite and a valve anyway?  Your outside faucets will function just dandy to blow out your lines and every other fixture, except the tubs, already HAS a valve there???  So just disconnect the washer hose from behind the washer, stick that end in the drain outlet already there and turn the valve on and "blow" away.  Same goes for your toilets, sinks.  Just disconnect the supply lines, and put that end in a bucket and blow it in there?  To make your life easier, if you don't already have them, go buy the stainless braided flexible supply lines and install them everywhere so blowing them out in a bucket will be a breeze.

Hope this all helps you :)  

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