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Plumbing in the Home/real bad smell from washer since new toilet installed


we just had a new toilet installed. Now the washing machine when used gives off a terrible smell. It smells like sewage but worse, I have to hold me breath if i need to use the bathroom.  The washing machine may also started to leak from the bottom (not sure though).  Please help. I have elderly parents living in house and a daughter going through chemotherapy for cancer and cant afford to put there health in danger from the overbearing bad smell anytime we use the washing machine.

Most probably whoever installed the toilet did not seal it properly and the wax ring was too small for the opening.  The toilet needs to be pulled back up and reset correctly, using an oversize thick wax ring if needed this time.

You could also caulk the bottom of the toilet where it meets the floor, also filling in and caulking the holes where the bolts come through.

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