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My apartment has a lift-and-twist style drain in the tub. It is a Keeney brand drain with no set screw or removable knob to access any kind of screw-head removable center bolt. Removing the plug was difficult; the lift-lock mechanism's nub (for lack of a better word) on the center bolt sheered off.

It is impossible to remove that bolt, which is brass. The base, where it threads into the cross-fittings, appeared corroded. Every pair of pliers I own that can get sufficient grip just scrape metal off of the bolt. It - and what it's attached to, thankfully - doesn't turn at all. I have applied WD-40 knockoff several times and let it sit for hours; the visible corrosion is gone. I have tapped the head lightly with a hammer to try to vibrate it loose to no avail.

What are my options for getting out this bolt so I can properly replace the plug?

With out seeing the actual part, I can give you a couple suggestions. First, soaking it in penetrating oil like WD-40 or Break-free is essential.  Then try using an E-Z Out tool. If all else fails you can drill it out and re-tap the threads. To be honest, I would more than likely just replace the whole thing instead of spending the time it's going to take to repair it. IF it can be repaired

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