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My tub from the 1950's isn't bad, but needs a sprucing up. It's surrounded by 3 walls. I'm looking for options other than replacing it. What's your opinion of hiring a pro to refinish/glazing?

Thank You for your time

Hello Roger, You have pretty much hit on the only options...refinish or replace. I have seen quite a few refinish jobs and it all boils down to the guy doing it. If he/she takes the time and puts in the effort.. the results are amazing. If you go that route, get references and ask to see a couple of completed jobs. In the end, replacing is a more expensive proposition and more time consuming plus the clean-up and the inconvenience can be a pain.. The refinish job is a couple days and your bathing again.BUT..that doesn't mean anything if the finish is poor and it doesn't last. In my experience, I have found that just doing the tub is how it starts and by the time the project is over the entire bathroom has been redone because usually all the fixtures are the same age. My preference is if your going to spend the money to refinish the tub, you might be money ahead to bite the bullet and upgrade the entire room. If you can swing it you will be much happier with the results.  Just my two cents.

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