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QUESTION: hi i have been having a problem with my residental plumbing. i have a simple levit home 1 kitchen 1 bathroom 1 washermachine 1 dishwasher all main level. if i used the hot water in the kitchen sink, shower or bathroom sink it works fine , then turn it off and turn it back on anyone of the faucets will be hard to turn. now if i turn off the hot water and i use the washer machine or dishwasher sometimes it wont fill, then when i got to the hot water faucet in my sink its harder than usual to turn but when i turn it i get a loud release of pressue then the washer machine or dishwasher will begin to fill. its like either an air pocket or too much pressue in the system. no i have shut the main water to the home off outside and opened all faucets to release the air, but the problem comes back. I dont know what else to do. are there any other ideas? what can this be? no leaks at all

ANSWER: Well or city water?

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QUESTION: City water

EXTREMELY BIZZARE.  I would notify the city and get them involved.  I am not familiar with New Yorks water system.  But there is a chance you are on the end of a line where air is building up in the city main and you are the end result of it.  I do not think I have a solution for you.  Having air coming in on a WELL I could have helped you.  But city water???  StRaNgE!!!

One things for sure, you have air getting into your system some how some way.  Without being there to find out why, almost impossible to diagnose from my chair here.  Sorry, but the city would be my next call.

Wish I could help you more, as that problem would drive me insane to say the least.  Meanwhile I'll ponder this as I sleep and see if anything comes to mind, and will let you know.

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