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QUESTION: Hello Louie,

This week we installed a new water line from the well to the house.  The well is 126' deep and runs with a 3/4 HP pump that (I'm told) pumps 7 gallons/minute.  I have pressure problems in the upstairs bathroom/shower, and suspect the 3/4 HP pump is inadequate.

The water line is a total of 325 feet, from the well to the center of the house.  I live in the mountains, so the water must also push uphill.  I would estimate the water travels at a 30 degree angle for about the first 200 feet, then it's pretty flat.  Total height "up" from ground-level at the well house to the shower upstairs is  maybe 35 feet, if you could measure straight up. (Hope that makes sense.)

To further complicate this, the main water line also feeds into a little 1 BR guest house.  That split occurs where the yard is flat.

Other sites have read state I need to count all faucets, so here's the list:  11 faucets in the house, 3 in the cabin.  Perhaps 3 of these would run simultaneously, if that matters.

If you might have any recommendations on how we might solve this issue, I would be SO grateful.  Thank you in advance and have a great day!

P.S. sorry for the long message, I'm not sure just how much detail you might want or need.  Thanks again.

ANSWER: Well you didn't elbaorate enough on the actual problem itself.  Explain what you mean by pressure problems in bathroom/shower?

Also, is it a submersible pump down in the well?

And do you know if it is a one or two stage pump?

Oh yeah,did you have this problem before the install of the new waterline?  And is it the orginal pump or new as well as the waterline?

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QUESTION: Oh I'm sorry:

Re the pressure:  the quantity of water coming out of the bathtub faucet is slightly less than full force (let's say 2/3).  When I switch to the shower head, the water stream reduces to about 1/2 force initially coming out of the shower, increases slightly, then reduces further to a stream roughly equivalent to taking a shower under a gardening watering can.  If I turn off the shower spigot all together, and repeat, the same thing happens.

I believe it is a submersible pump but to be honest I haven't crawled down that hole in the well/pump house. Yes it's dark and a little creepy.  Neither do I know if it's a 1 or 2 stage pump.  I can definitely find out, though.

The water pressure has never been very strong in the house, like, say, you might get with "city water" or in a hotel.  But it's definitely at its worst now.  We replaced the water line due to a break in the pipe, so the water pressure was nearly non-existent a few days ago.  The current well pump was installed 3 years ago.

Hope that helps a bit,

Start by increasing the water pressure by adjusting the pressure switch.  However, since you have already told me you dont like going into that dark, nasty  room, no sense in telling you how to do it :)  But if you THINK you want to give it a whack, go down and read my other reply about how to do it.

Most come preset at 20/40.  On at 20, off at 40, hence why you are getting diff flow variations out of the tub.  That is NORMAL!!!!  Will always be.

So to correct it, you need to raise the pressure on up to around 40/60, which will DOUBLE your cut on pressure and make ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!!!!  Night and day.

Also installing a larger bladder tank (the blue tank in the well house) will help immensely.  The larger the tank, the better.  This is where the pressure is stored at and the larger the tank, the more consistent the pressure to simulate "city water".

Hope that helps :)

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