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QUESTION: hi..this house was built in the early 70's, and its 2400 sq ft. i have a 40 gallon hot water tank, which is set to almost the hottest water it can be. in the back of the house, which is near where the water heater is, hot water is fine. but, at the opposite end of the house; the kitchen area, no matter how long  you run the hot water, the most it gets is warm, not hot. so, what are some things that can cause this, and what can do done to fix it? thank you!

ANSWER: When you say kitchen area, do you mean the kitchen sink faucet only?  That is the only area? Bathrooms and washing machine fine?

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QUESTION: hi..yes, the bathrooms, which are in the back of the house,are fine, and the washer seems to be ok; its just the kitchen sink that seems to have a prob
with the hot water for some reason.

ANSWER: I would disconnect the hot waterline going to the faucet and put it in a bucket and then turn the valve on and see if it gets hot that way.  If it does, its a faucet issue.  If it does not, i would not be able to help you without being on site to see for myself what the issue could be.  But this I can tell you, you seldom will get as hot a water out of kitchen faucet as you do the tubs and shower because of the reduced water flow. It could take a long time to get the hot water there and by the time it does, it will lose heat.  I would run it for like 10 mins and then see if it gets hotter.  If it does, then you know your answer.  If it does not, something is not right.

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QUESTION: thank you for your answer. today, just for the heck of it, i took the aerator off and ran the water. it came out really good, and now the hot water works. then i took a look in the bottom of the aerator. there was, right in the middle of it, a tiny piece of white plastic. so i scraped it off with my fingernail, put the aerator  back on, and it works perfectly. lol..all that because of a small piece of plastic!

Well we hadn't got that far yet :) so glad you found it on your own. If you had done the bucket trick and told me, then I would've known it was the faucet and then we could've proceeded from there and checked several other things as well. The aerater was an excellent starting point, sometimes the spout is clogged itself and you have to remove it, sometimes a cartridge has to be taken out and have the faucet blown out. I was shocked when you gave me a good rating, because I was thinking to myself we are not done yet. He hasn't told me if the bucket test worked!! :)

Removing the aerator basically just increases water flow, and the faster the water flow, the faster you get hot water. I'm not used to telling my customers to take things apart, so was easier to just tell you to let it run for 10 minutes and let me know. If after 10 minutes it gets very hot, which I suspected it would, then I would've told you to check the aerator as well as other things.

So in this case, you proved to be quite the handyman. See, you didn't need me after all!!! :):):)

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