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QUESTION: hi..i have a gas water heater; i think 40 gallons. today i went and drained it; the water looked clean when it came through the hose. this house is 2400 sq ft; when you run hot water in the back side of the house, it gets very hot. however, in the front of the house; the kitchen area, it gets warm after several minutes, but never hot. i am wondering why this would be going on and what to do about it. thank you!!

ANSWER: James,
If it is just the kitchen faucet, then the problem is  the faucet. If it never gets hot as in other parts of the house, the faucet is allowing cold water to mix with the hot.
If you faucet is a single handle type , replace the cartridge or the seats and springs(depending on what brand faucet you have) and make sure the supply valves are fully open.

Unless you have really, really bad water, hard water or high sediment content in your water, draining is not going to do much good in the long run.

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QUESTION: hi again...just for the heck of it, i took the aerator off the faucet, and the water runs fine and its hot like it should be. now...what would cause the aerator to do that?  i did i buy the wrong size or something? thank you!

James, I do apologize for the delayed response, for some reason I didn't see the follow up
The aerator is designed to separate the water by straining it, thereby softening the stream so it doesn't blast out and splash all over. It also creates back pressure that can sometimes allow the cold to overtake the hot is some faucets.Pressure and or temperature self-balancing faucets especially. The hot side has to travel through the tank before it gets to the faucet which cause a slight pressure drop as well. The cold is a direct line from the main and is at a slightly elevated pressure. If there is any debris caught in the aerator, this adds to the problem. It's a good idea to clean then regularly.

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