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In guest bathroom of highrise condo the water in the sink both hot and cold are fine. In the shower we can not get hot water out of shower head or faucet. It is a one handle type fixture. Building said it had to be in  the fixture,will a new fixture fix the problem or can a part , cartridge/diverter be replced to get hot water to work.

:) I would really like to help you.  But you're just going to have to understand there are literally THOUSANDS of faucets, and once again, I need more info before I can help you.  PLEASE send pics with all questions as pertaining to faucets.  Or a BRAND or a MODEL.

I cannot possibly answer a question about a faucet, if I don't even know if it's a Moen or a Delta or an American Standard or a.....

There is not one, generic fit all faucet.  Not trying to be hard to get along with, but I get these questions all the time with such little info it's just impossible to give an answer.

But right off the top of my head, based on only experience and not fact, there's a 99% chance it's the faucet.

But telling you in it's a cartridge or if you need a new one cannot be ascertained until more info is provided.

Thanks, Louie

***I cannot tell YOU the brand or model, without a pic.  That is why I said to send me a pic, so I can identify it.  I cannot tell YOU how to identify it, I need a pic so I can identify it FOR you.  I just added "OR a brand or model, as maybe you recently bought it and have the paperwork, mayeb the previous owner told you what they were, I do not know or have a clue.  PIC was the main thing, adding on brand or model was a side note....

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