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QUESTION: I am seeking an answer for my Uncle. He owns his home but within the last 10 yrs is smelling a bad odor coming from his bathroom sink. He also has a half bath connecting to his bedroom but, does not have a problem with the sink w/ the half bath. All the smell is coming from the one I would call the main sink!

ANSWER: Take a mixture of 50 water and 50 bleach in a spray bottle and then spray it down the overflow holes at the top of the sink.  That should do it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I spoke with my Uncle to let him know I received a response. He let me know that he cleans the overflow often and the smell is still present. When I spoke of the sink being the main sink , I want you to know the commode sits beside of the sink with a wall between the commode and shower. He has also checked all the vents and they were fine. He just cannot figure out why now after 20 yrs residing at his home the smell has been prominent these last 10 yrs, He doesn't smell it in the kitchen or the other sink with the half bath. He has had the City to come take a water sample and they told him that everything was fine with the water.STUMPED

ANSWER: There is no way to clean an overflow, other than bleach, and that is normally not something someone ever does, so make sure you define what his concept of cleaning it means :)

You have also not really been specific about the smell?  Sewer?  Urine?  Rotten egg?  But the number one cause of smells in BATHROOMS, not sinks, is the wax seal on the toilet.  But if it has been there for 10 years, geez....who cares at this point?  I though it was a recent problem.  I mean that may just be musty, wet floors if it's an old house, ya know?  Older homes emit smells from the bathrooms.

But if its been there 10 long years....I don't think its a problem we can solve here.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry I did not define the smell. I meant to in the last response. The smell is a sewage smell. My Uncle doesn't have the internet , so I was just trying to help. He said the smell is just like raw sewage at times. That would probably be from maybe the humidity outside when it is higher. Thank You for your answers. He is a very meticulous person. Cleans all the time. And even though he cleans the overflow frequently, I will ask him to do it with the water and Clorox mixture. He was just stumped at having lived there for 20 something yrs, this started 10 yrs later and he has tried everything. I spoke with him last night before bed and he said he was going up under the house to look for leaks, and I will surely mention the seal on the commode. I mentioned that my self last night and he said the commode was not loose from the floor but it could still be the problem. Thanks Again....

Loose doesn't mean anything.  Loose is not related to a wax seal.  It can still be bad if toilet is tight.  If the seal has not been replaced, that is the FIRST thing I would do.  Use an extra thick wax ring, not the standard.

Then lets go from there :)

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