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I live in Maryland and we use the county water supply.  We have a 4 bedroom colonial home.  

Recently, I have had a problem with sediment buildup restricting water flow in my master bath shower head, kitchen faucet, and another faucet in the master bath.  I've had to clean the shower head 4 times in the last 3 weeks.  The kitchen faucet twice, and the other one just once.  

This is very unusual for us....I normally need to do this only once every couple years in the shower head, and the others less often.  I replaced the shower head and it happened again after a few days.  The other faucets in the house do not appear clogged, but I have not taken them apart.

The sediment is white and can easily be crumbled to fine with my fingers.

Any idea what might be going on?  Thanks!

sorry I was locked out of the system.. until now !! (you may get a good handy man for this job)

cheep way out home depo buy a holehome water filter 2 segment filter unit show the plumber counter this email he will know.

( 2 stage water fiter holehome filter main line to the size of the water incoming line )
plum-into the main line after pressure reg/ 2 ball valve on incoming and outgoing of filter
this will help you change filters.

sorry for the late  email

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