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Dear Dana...

I am about to make the biggest decision of my life…At the age of 54, I am about to buy my first home.
The 46 year-old home is brick home and built on a wooden foundation.
Asking price was $69,900 & the seller has agreed to the asking price of $64,300….Being sold “as-is” which was not in the original MLS listing.
I have already hit one hurdle with having the house rewired by the seller’s son’s construction company & I am paying half of that cost.
There are other little odds and ends that need replacing especially wood-rot which “should be on the seller” per the inspector.
Now, after having the house inspected yesterday, there is a leak in the master bathroom’s shower….the shower pan per the inspector.
The inspector had three ways of looking at this…1st)  The seller needs to fix this since the shower is totally unusable; 2nd)  I can fix this after buying the house @ the tune of up to $2,000 because of how much work it would take to repair/rebuild the shower; or 3rd) Walk away if the seller does not come down in price.
The inspector also made a comment regarding a sealer for the bottom of the shower to see if that would help stop the leakage.
My question is regarding the sealer…Have you ever heard of anything like that?  Is it worth trying?
I have to let everyone know Monday if I am going to continue with this purchase.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hi Nikki,
I'm not aware of any sealer type material that would be anything more than a temporary fix, if that.
Typically, when a shower pan is replaced, only the first 6 to 12 inches of the wall tile needs to be removed along with the pan. There are one piece replacement pans that are available but they may not be configured properly for your existing drain piping (which can usually be moved if needed) or the size of the opening. There are specific stock sizes. I would try to get actual estimates from people that do this type of work so you know what the real cost will be and what options you might have.

As far as any repair costs being borne by the seller, that is totally up to negotiation between the Realtors involved.

Also, I would argue against the seller making any of the repairs but instead, getting your own estimates for the work that is needed and ask for a price concession based on those estimates., This way YOU control the work being done. In my experience, many sellers will cheap out the work and get it done by nonqualified personnel. This type of work typically does not last and may be unsafe and at that point you are stuck with the results and the bills to correct it.

I could a most bet you that the price of the rewiring "done by the sons construction company" will be shown at an inflated price thus requiring you to pay half, which in reality would probably cover the entire cost of the job if done by another company. Get your own estimates, Always be in control.

I'm not aware of the real estate laws in Florida but here in California, a buyer can walk away from a deal if they determine that it is too unfavorable and not lose any earnest money deposits. Your Real Estate agent as a fiduciary responsibility to take care of their client. If you are uncomfortable with this, there is no reason you could not consult a qualified real estate attorney.
Good luck,

PS: Look into an FHA 203(k) Rehabilitation Loan. The cost of repairs and upgrades can be rolled into the loan.

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