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I had a drippy bathroom faucet. Hot water side. Removed the handle etc and replaced the cartridge. I cannot remember the brand name and now need the plastic lock nut that sits on top in order to tighten and reinstall the handle. Attached pictures. No one seems to have this red plastic part. If you could at least give me a make I could contact the company. I cannot remove the cartridge to see if a name was on it as I had a mechanic shop remove the old and replace with the new = too corroded for me to remove. Do not have old part and no brand name can I find on the faucet anywhere. One plastic nut sits on bottom and one on top. Thinking if I just remove the lower and use it on top I might be able to get by. Please advise. Thanks, Nancy

Sorry, do not reconize it.  But I would lean to the side of those handles being a generic brand, to say not a Kohler or Moen or something like that.  Problem is that was a VERY VERY popular style for a deacde or so and people just LOVED those handles and as such, companies started putting them out by the hundreds....all brands and all makes.

As far as randomly coming across that nut I can almost tell you now with 100% certainty it's probably just not going to happen :(  It's not going to be a "sold item for sale" in hardware stores or Lowe's for sure.  Its going to be like a guy like me, that has boxes of that old stuff and could maybe use another style with that same thread that would work.  May not be that exact look, but if the threads work it could work.

But THANK YOU for sending pics....if only everyone did :)

Bottom line?  Without the brand name, it is going to be almost impossible to track it down.  Even with a brand name, its VERY hard finding those type parts.  I hunt down parts all the time for things like that and not even I would attempt it.

Think it's time for a new faucet :(  

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