We have done a bathroom remodel.  In stages, the plumbing has been completely updated - new tube, copper connections, copper repipe and lastly a new hot water heater.  Each step of the way, there has been rust coming from the tub faucet.  We were told that the rust would subside once all the plumbing has been replaced - which the plumbing has.  The rust situation has not improved.  There is no rust emanating from any other faucet other than the hot water spout from the tub.  We have traced the pipe and it is all copper - there does not appear to be galvanized insight.  The tub was relocated during the remodel, so there should be all new connections for it.  We have even drained the water from the new tank as were instructed and rust still flows from the hot water spigot at the tub and no where else.  We use the tub  on a regular basis but the rust accumulates within three days of non usage.  Any ideas what to check for how the rust is still there?  Thank you

Steve, You said all piping has been replaced with copper, in order for  rust to be present you would have to have some steel pipe somewhere that is oxidizing. One place that is often times overlooked is the tub spout nipple. That is a short piece of pipe used to thread on the spout.  You can check this by removing the spout or if you have and access panel behind the tub, open it and check for a steel pipe. If you can't see it well or can't tell if it's steel, use a magnet to verify. Check any and all connections on the faucet as well. Everything should be either brass or copper. Also, the source my still be your water heater. The tank is steel with a glass coating, as time goes by, the tanks will rust and eventually leak, usually somewhere along a weld. Hot chlorinated water is much more aggressive corrosion-wise  and will usually fail first.

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