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My condo built in the early 80's has a p-trap in the bathroom that needs replacing. The PVC nut that attaches it to the pipe from the wall cracked and unfortunately, the nuts on the ones now at Home Depot and Lowes are just a little too large on the inside diameter of the opening, as it slides right over the stop on my old p-trap. I'll add a picture hopefully to clarify this. The staff at the two stores above said that the p-trap I have they don't carry this. It would be easiest if I can find an exact replacement, otherwise, I'll need to open up the wall to redo the PVC plumbing because there isn't enough to cut and repair.

Any idea what company manufactured this, what the tapered end fitting is called and most importantly, where I can get a replacement?

That's the problem with big box stores, they only carry "one-size-fits-all" stuff. Might be a local actual plumbing supply that has a better selection.

This is actually called a "J" bend, a portion of a P-Trap.  I'm not a big fan of plastic, too brittle after a few years.

You might be able to find a "trap adapter" and a new trombone style trap. The trap adapter looks like this
It can be found in both hub or spigot (male or female) versions.  If you have enough stub left, you should be able to glue one on and uses a trap that has an extension that fits into the slip joint and can be cut to length as needed.  If this is a lavatory sink, the tailpiece down from the sink will be 1-1/4' and everything else will be 1-1/2". If it's a kitchen sink, it's all 1-1/2".
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