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I have tree bathrooms.the water is crystal clear from the sinks and the showers but when I turn on the bathtub water in all three rooms it comes out a dark brown .it does not happen anywhere lest but the tubs.

Hello Ron,
If your bathrooms are in a tree that might be a problem! LOL... Just kidding.

Does this "Brown" water from the tub spouts go clear after a short period of time? If so, the problem is likely that the plumber used a steel pipe nipple to install the spout. When the water sits inside this pipe, unused for a period of time, the first shot of water can come out rusty and then go clear after a few seconds. I've seen this many times.

All of your water piping can be copper or PVC or PEX but that last couple of inches where the tub spout connects needs to be strong so that it doesn't break off. This connection is usually made was about a 6 inch schedule 40 pipe nipple. It should be brass and not steel or iron for this very reason.

This might be something you can change yourself but can be tricky because there is no set length for the nipple needed. A plumber usually carries an assortment of different lengths. Sometimes it can also be difficult to get this nipple out of the tub spout itself once you remove the spout from the wall by unscrewing it counterclockwise.
Good luck,

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