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Hi Jay,   I have an enclosed sump pump that runs maybe every three or four hours. When it runs it pumps for  20 or 30 seconds, stops for 15-20 seconds then starts  pumping again. Running off and on for 10 to  15 times. Gradually it runs for shorter periods of time, until it finally stops for good. Then it begins this cycle a few hours later. I suspect a faulty check valve. I am asking you if you think this is the problem as well.  Thanks Jay    Dick

Dick, I believe you are correct, Install a new check valve inline and that should do it. If the pump is new, be sure the anti siphon hole was put in the discharge line just above the pump per the manufacturers instructions.
Note , you may just have something caught on the seal of the check, and simply cleaning it may do it. In my experience, I have found replacing is the best in the long run.

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