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I am  adding a space for a washing machine . It's a one story house with  slab foundation. The only way to put a drain pipe for the washing machine is to break open the wall placing the drainpipe inside the wall going down the wall and breaking the concrete slab floor continuing the pipe inside the concrete floor to the other side and than  tying the pipe to existing drainpipe in the existing wall on the opposite side. Is this ok to put a drain pipe for a washing machine this way. The clean out will be in the house under the washing machine in the floor foundation.
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well with out a photo given, I get what your saying...
yes you can take a 2" drain line along the wall pitch it down ward at a fall 1/4" per foot to the tie in drain next door is fine do not tap in to a kitchen line. add a clean out to the tie in line.p.v.c. or a.b.s is fine glue use gray bond holds better

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