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hello,we live in a 2 bedroom mobile home,we have noticed there is water standing in floor vent in small bedroom.we have dried it up but it continues to come br is next to utilty room but checked wasroom for leaks and nothing water anywhere elae. we do have central air and our carbon mix tester goes off occioansally.any ideal where we should look for cause. thanks in advance. mary

Hello Mary,

This could possibly be condensation. Why it is happening in only that one area is a bit of a mystery.
Condensation occurs when certain temperature and humidity conditions take place. Technically this is called the "Dewpoint" and it happens when the moisture content in the air, and air temperature reaches a specific point in relation to each other. This is not a fixed condition and it varies constantly with the humidity levels and temperatures.

Since it is happening and only that one area, there is something different about the conditions around that piece of ductwork. In mobile homes, most of the ductwork is usually up inside the frame (under the structure) and is typically completely covered or concealed by a heavy cardboard or plastic wind screen pass into the bottom of the framework to keep the installation from blowing away when the mobile is moving down the highway. If this windscreen has been cut away or damaged in some way, usually by repairs to plumbing or electrical systems, it could expose this particular piece of duct to outside air and cause the conditions to be right to have condensation occur in that duct.

Given that you also have the condition of your CO detector triggering occasionally, I would have the entire system thoroughly inspected by a qualified HVAC contractor that is familiar with mobile homes.

Good Luck,

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