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have a spare bathroom in this old house...for 10 yrs I have never used the shower or tub in this bathroom; I didn't realize I needed to keep turning on water every so, none will come thru...what do I do??

Hi MJ,
There are several things that could cause this;

1. The stem washers may have frozen to the seats inside the valve and opening the valve does nothing but rip the washer loose from the bottom of the stem. In order to check this, you will need a plumber to shut the water off to the house and remove the stems from the tub shower valve. If this is the case, replacing the stem washers and cleaning up the valve seats should fix it.

2. If your piping system is the older, original galvanized steel pipe, rust and hard water scale could be just blocking these pipes. If that is the case, the only correction is to replace the piping as it has exceeded its useful life.

3. Debris or hard water scale from the piping system may have broken loose and plugged it the interior passages of the tub/shower valve. This MIGHT be correctable by having a plumber attempt to clear out the valve. This is usually not very workable but sometimes it works. Ultimately, replacing the valve is the only solution. Hopefully, you have access to the backside of the valve through a sheet rock or plaster wall rather than having to tear out tile to do this.

Good Luck,

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