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I am trying to plug the end of a copper tubing line. The flare nut initially tightens on the first few threads of the plug then spins freely and will not tighten any more. What can be done to resolve this problem and plug the line? Are there any alternative solutions to prevent water flow from the end of the line?
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There are a couple ways to accomplish this. The easiest is to buy a shark-bite or similar type fitting and push it on to the end of a square and clean cut end of the tubing. You can get these at plumbing supply store or any Home depot. Another way is to solder a cap on the line. Yet another is to flatten the end and solder the seam.(not recommended) Lastly, a flare fitting can be used but it  is much more expensive and requires a good flare be put on the pipe with a quality flaring tool.  

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