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QUESTION: Our house was built in 2004 & we've been here since 2007.We have well water. I've always heard a banging noise in the pipes when water was turned on or toilets were flushed. It seems to be getting worse.Also the water in the showers just stop running in the middle of your shower. I've researched it online & heard of something called water hammer. I followed the steps by shutting off main water valve & opening all faucets etc. I've done that twice now & the problem is still happening. Please help me!"

ANSWER: It could be water hammer, but that wouldn't explain the water stopping in the shower.  Can you take some pictures of your system and post them here?  I am going to have to know more about your pump, tank, well etc.  Water hammer is easy to get rid of, but the other problem could be a lot of things.

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QUESTION: I do not have the capability to take pics & send, sorry. There are 3 tanks in basement.
(1) Bradford White Defender Propane Hot Water Heater
(2) Hague Hydro Clean III Pure Water Source # 04270514
(3) a blue tank that says Champion by Amitrol Model # WX-203, there's a dial on the front ranging from 0-100, I hear it clicking at the same time the pipes bang. Hope this helps you to "help me"

ANSWER: This clicking you hear, does it click on and off on and off and while doing so does the dial go up and down in unison?

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QUESTION: Yes & at the same time the pipes bang.

Sounds like your WX-203  has become waterlogged.  Which generally means a new tank it in order.  The one I recommend and sell is the Zilmet and the replacement number for yours is the ZHP 203.  It's shorter than the Well X Trol and will hold up much better because of that.  Link:

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