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QUESTION: I have a wood burning fireplace.  
Next to my fireplace I have a gas wall oven that I will be replacing with a electric wall oven.
Can I safely use that gas line from the existing gas oven and have a plumber drill a hole through the firebox (3 bricks thick) extend the gas line through the firebox?  The turn off key will need to be in the  5" wall separating
The fireplace from the electric wall oven. That wall has an electric outlet near where the key will be placed.
I live in Ca.
Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Kay,
What you propose should be fine. As long as you are not "splitting" the gas line to feed two different demands where there was only one in the first place it shouldn't be a problem.
Yes, the shut off valve for the log lighter or gas logs should be one designed for that purpose with a loose key, mounted in the wall outside of the firebox. The plumber should know that the gas shutoff cannot be inside the fireplace firebox. It also cannot be a lever style valve it must be a "loose key" style so that the key can be removed for child safety.

If there is an existing shut off valve for the gas line that fed the oven, that could be removed or just left in the on position.

Good luck,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank u so much for your fast response.
I have a couple more questions please.

1: Is the gas turn on and off key ok to be placed next to the wall outlet or do I have to remove the electric outlet.
2: I will be needing some chimney work before I can use the fireplace. ( but I want to get the gas in place so
It will be ready fir future use.
In the meantime I want to get an electric fire log insert to put temporarily inside the fireplace.
If the gas is capped off inside the fireplace until I am ready to repair my chimney is it safe  to use an electric
Fireplace insert?  It is possible for an electric fireplace insert to spark.  If the gas is capped off and for some reason
The electric fireplace insert were to spark is it safe with the gas capped off next to it in the firebox?
Thank u kindly

Hello Kay,
As long as there is room, I don't see a problem with leaving the receptacle in place.
Gas lines are typically run with black iron pipe which is very durable. Having a temporary electric log in the firebox shouldn't be any problem.

People tend to be a little freaked out with gas and it is not really that much of a problem. The pressures inside a residential gas system are less than 1/2 pound per square inch which is something you could stop with your finger. There also has to be a fairly high concentration of gas in order for it to combust.

So, in short, it would not be a problem to have the gas stubbed into the firebox and temporarily while you did the chimney repairs and used your electric logs.


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