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The water pressure on the hot water side of my 2nd floor bathroom was never good as compared to the cold or the shower in that same bathroom. It is a trickle at this point. I have changed the supply line and faucet cartridge. Neither has helped. The home is plaster and lathe construction so replacing the line would be a major job and expensive. Is there anything less extreme that would help? Is there anything like a thin wire snake that could be fished back down the hot water line to try and open any calcification that may be restricting the flow?

I am not aware of a snake that would be able to manuver through water lines.  An out of the box Idea I have if you believe it is calcium, lime or rust buildup would be to adapt the hot water line underneath your lave to a hose connection, run the hose to where your water heater is located. Have that hose run to a 10 gallon bucket.  Turn off the cold water to your water heater.  Fill the bucket with white vinegar, use a pump and pump the vinegar into your water heater drain which will force flow through the hot pipe to your troubled lav through the hose and back to the bucket.  White vinegar works great to break up build up. Let the pump run for a couple hours or until you see flow improvement.   Please let me know how this works for you.

Nathan Marshall
Steamboat Springs Plumbing, Master Plumber

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I have been in the plumbing/heating trades since I was 8 years old (working with dad).

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