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My toilet is running after flushing--Enclosed are photos-when I lift the ball arm it stops/ Can I adjust? You can also see the drop of water on my valve-can I adjust that?


Both these issues are very easily fixed.  First off, its time to replace your toilet fill valve, while at it, replace the korky as well.  Goto your local big box, home depot store and ask for a fluid master toilet fill valve and for a Korky toilet flapper.  The fill valve will come with directions to install.  It really is very simple.  As far as the leak goes, just carefully tighten the valve packing nut. This is the nut that the drop of water is actually on. This is the nut that the white stem comes through to the handle.  Just give this a little snug and that will fix your problem.

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I have been in the plumbing/heating trades since I was 8 years old (working with dad).

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