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I bought a house in 2005.  The house was built 1n 1958.  When I had the crawl space  pipes inspected , the general contractor mentioned that the exposed galvanized plumbing may present a hazard because part of the galvanized plumbing  which is 30 feet long and the the other part of cop per plumbing ,which is 50 feet long, were joined together.

The inspector did not go into more details, probably because it was not his expertise.  But I observed a "bluish" coloring at one joint.  I am concerned there may be another discoloration  at another galvanized and copper juncture.

What problems would you say that this bad plumbing could pose me, if any?

Will, What is starting to happen is corrosion caused by the joining of two dissimilar metals. Otherwise known as metallic electrolysis. I would keep an eye on it for signs of leakage. You may also start to notice discolored water at the closest faucet after a period of time.
If you are thinking of replacing the piping, I would because when that galv. starts to show rust it will cause issues like stained fixtures and ruin white clothes in your laundry. Copper or PEX tube is the way to go when replacing.


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