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Hello Jay,
I have no water pressure in the house. What I do know:
House built in 2001.  I have a well.  Bladder tank is original. Only 2-3 lbs. of pressure showing on the gauge this morning.  It got down to 13 degrees last night.  The outside faucets are frozen.  No garden hoses were hooked to faucets.  I did not put a light in the well house but do have one in there now.  I changed the whole-house water filter yesterday.  We had water as usual last night.  The vents under the house were closed last night and it is toasty down there.
What do you think?  Thanks a bunch,
Mike Gilliam

Mike, There should be a hose connection at the pressure tack, turn off power to well pump and open this valve. If there is no valve, with the power off, turn on a cold water faucet until no water comes out. Then check the air pressure in the bladder tank with a tire gage. The air pressure should be two pounds less than the low side rating of your pressure switch. That is to say that if you have a 20 - 40 switch is should be 18lbs. If it's a 30 - 50 switch the air pressure should be 28 lbs. Add aid if necessary.
Then, make sure all faucets are off, turn on the power  and see if pressure starts to build.
Note, some switches have a low water cut-off lever on the right side of the switch. if you have that , slowly operate the lever all the way one way and slowly back to the original position. The pump should start. Also, double check the circuit to make sure breaker or fuse is intact.
If outside sill faucets are frozen you may want to shut the supply to them off, when they thaw there is a chance they may have split the pipe.


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