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We have a 20-gallon Utilitank water pressure tank that we purchased two years ago to replace a tank that had been in our house for 14 years. The new tank has a 5 year warranty.

In the last week we have noticed intermittent pauses in water pressure when we use water anywhere in the house. This morning, while our washer was filling, I noticed the pressure tank was clicking on and off continuously until the washer finished filling. It seems like the drop in pressure occurs when the tank comes on. My husband and I are not savvy when it comes to these things.Can you help? I appreciate any response you can give! Thank you.

I think you spelled the name wrong, but I think i know the brand you have and I can't remember how it's spelled either.  But it's a big box tank.  They typically last 1.5 years then the bladder breaks letting the well water absorb all the air and it fills up with water and is waterlogged.  Since you can compress air but not water, the water has nowhere to go so the pressure switch hammers on and off trying to keep up with water usage.  Since submersible pumps produce so much water, they can get ahead of the water usage like filling a washer so it's on/off,  on/off until it burns up.  That clicking on and off is the worse thing you can do to a motor, so getting a new tank in there is a must.

I do sell tanks and it is one of the top three tanks out there.  It's called a Zilmet.  With tanks; bigger is always better because the fewer times your motor has to start, the longer it will last.  You can see my tanks on my Website at
My shopping cart is under attack by some lunitic in China at the moment so it probably won't work until they quit doing what ever it is that they do, but if you need further help you can call us directly at 813 677 6413 or my cell is 813 310 6030.


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