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The bathtub did not drain and I used the plunger.  It improved.  Then I used the entire bottle (475 ml) of Hair Eliminator from Liquid Plumber.  Further progress.  I feel that the water can drain even faster.  Not sure what to do though.  I live in a high-rise and the pipes are over 35 years old.  I don't feel comfortable using ACID drain opener nor POWERED snake.  What would you suggest?  
For maintenance purpose, is it better to pour vinegar plus baking soda OR bleach down the drain?
If the TOILET is clogged, it can overflow into the bathtub.  BUT, if the bathtub is clogged, can the toilet still overflow into the bathtub?
Appreciate your help.

Hi Sue,
Liquid drain cleaners that are available in grocery stores and places like the DEPOT only work on television commercials. There is nothing available to the non- professional or non-industrial customer that is strong enough because of liability issues..
Anyway... If you have a standard bath tub with a trip lever for holding back the water for a bath, There will be two screws on the lever plate. This plate is located just under the spout. Remove the two screws and pull the plate with lever attached, all the way out and clean the end. Be prepared to be grossed out! Before you reinstall, run some cold water down the drain to flush it clean. Snug up the screws and test to see if the lever functions properly.
Note: If when you run some water and it doesn't go quickly, plug the hole the plate was covering with a wet rag and then use the plunger on the bottom drain of the tub to help clear the trap.. then reinstall plate.


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