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A couple yrs ago one of the toilets in my home had a weak and incomplete first flush. The second flush always seemed normal. Someone suggested the holes in the rim might be clogged. I pushed a small nail into each hole and it worked wonders. The problem has started again, but this time the nail makes no difference. I've also soaked the rim in vinegar and scrubbed with pumice stone. What else can I try? Thanks for your time.

Hello Ed.
Although you had some success with the nail, it probably did not reach far enough into the passage. When I've done this in the past I used a thin flexible wire like a section of wire coat hanger to get as far up as possible.
The problem with using vinegar or other lime removers on this area is that it does not stay in contact with the area long enough. These "rim jets" are fed water from the tank and are just gravity fed. Anything you put in there just runs right back out. It takes a while with the stuff in contact with the lime scale build-up for it to work properly. Sometimes it's just easier to replace the toilet.
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