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faucet assembly
faucet assembly  
underneath view
underneath view  

our cold water Delta bathroom faucet handle was stuck so I tried to disassemble and change the cartridge.   I removed the top cap, unscrewed the flat head screw inside, removed water lines and cannot get the faucet assembly out of the vanity.  I have tried using 50/50 mix (water/white vinegar per Delta support) but no luck.

attached are pictures above and below the vanity that I am looking at.

thanks for your help.


ANSWER: Hello Andrew,
This type of "spread" faucet is installed from the bottom. The top nuts are accessed by removing the handles and trim rings if any. Unscrew these nuts and lower the faucet assembly down and out.

You do not need to remove the whole faucet unless you are replacing it. Removing the handles should gain access to the bonnet nuts that hold the stems/cartridges in place.
Good Luck,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I can't unscrew any of the products. I can remove the white handle. For the life of me I can't find any kind of hacks not screw nor can I get any part of that assembly above the vanity sink line to unscrew in anyway.    Thank you so much for your reply though I really appreciate it. Any other ideas ?

Sort of stuck if you cannot get the handles off. You may need to destroy the faucet and just replace it.  That seems extreme though. I don't recall anything unusual about these faucets, the handles should come off for access to the bonnets that hold the cartridge in place.
There are faucet handle puller tools that might help.  They are not that expensive...
Good Luck

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