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My question is re guarding our water which we get from our well. WE have had this well for 16 yrs. and until about 2 or so years ago we started having brownish water come through house after heavy rain. WE know that we have high iron content and have 2 filter systems in place. The whole house water filter is just about 4 months old but does not seem to help with the problem. WE had the man who drilled our well out to check but he told us to put chlorine tablets in outside well opening. Should we have the well pump cleaned or could it just be from the water table? I do not like just running the water for a few hours to get it cleared up. My husband has also drained the system several times also. Hope you can help.
Thank You  

Hello Sharon,
I have seen similar issues that were caused by the changes in the water table levels. If a well is mature there is a certain amount of settling that happens at the bottom and consequently the water column in the well rises and picks up rust from the well casing.(the steel pipe liner)
Running the water to clear it  or draining it will just lower the column level temporarily and after awhile the level will rise again. This problem will eventually disappear but in the mean time you may see discoloration of whites in the laundry and you may have to treat the water with a product like "CRL" that can be added to the laundry water.
It's hot a health issue but more of an inconvenience.


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