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2 questions I have a rarely used shower .....that the water comes out about half force and does not spray well thru the water pik end with not much effect. could it be that I live with hard water and a well??  is the copper pipe partially plugged up with calcium/ if so how do I clean it?

do you have any easy suggestions on how to get the delta dome cap....knucked type off easier.......caps crud built up over years to change the seat and springs....soaked in vinegar for days.....still cannot loosen? afraid to put much force on will break unit....

Hello Bob,
Question 1
Hard water  will cause issues with the faucet and restrict flow especially Delta faucets. The ports in the valve body need  pressure and volume to  make a shower work well. The water pik shower head and hand held showers are restricted  even more I have found in my experience that variable type shower heads work best on public water systems at 50# pressure or better. Well systems are to erratic, pressure-wise, and hard water makes the fail quicker.

Question 2
A really good penetrating fluid like liquid wrench is about all you can do. I it the single largest problem with Deltas....ask any plumber. I have snapped and ruined more than one faucet because of the white metal bonnet corroding so bad that they will not come off no mater what.
I would junk the faucet and put in a good Moen faucet.
It wont take much force to break that faucet, by the way!


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