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Hi Jay,

I've got a Moen 82783 valve with a slow drip from the bottom of the valve body where the tub outlet is located.

Since this is being used in a shower it had been plugged with an adapter and cap sweated on and teflon tape to seal the threads.

To try and fix the drip I have replaced that setup with a 1/2 brass plug and TFE paste from a new tube. Have tightened and tightened that plug a number of times but it still has a slow drip one day after installation. The other three outlet and inlets on the valve are dry to the touch while the bath outlet after a time gets wet and eventually a drop of water forms and falls off the plug.

I'd hate to have to replace the whole valve but am unsure how to fix this. To be clear, there were only a few drops of water that fall off in the course of the night - I put a little 'catch' made of metal flashing underneath the valve to get any water.


Marty, You may have a hairline crack or possibly the threads have  stretched due to over tightening. Try a little Teflon tape,no more than two full wraps and the apply pipe dope or the tfe paste you have . Snug it up and let is sit a few hours then pressurize. If it still leaks you may have to apply a permanent epoxy type sealer to the threads. Last resort is a new valve.


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