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QUESTION: I need to figure out which tank-to-bowl gasket kit will fit my Crane Radcliffe (1971) bowl and tank set No. 3-253.  The bowl alone is No. 3-144 and the tank alone is No. 3-592.  I have the spec sheet.  I've seen some generic kits for Crane, but I don't know if all the Crane gaskets are the same.  I've been unable to find this information.

ANSWER: Hello Carol,
The Radcliff uses a soft sponge rubber gasket that fits over the  large nut that holds the flush valve in place. If memory serves me they used this gasket on most of the standard Crane toilets. Levelle company makes an after market version that works well.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I contacted Lavelle, but haven't heard back yet.  They have an assortment of gasket kits (I'll need the hardware, too) on the Amazon website, but I can't tell which one would work in my situation.  I looked into various other brands and they all said to ask a plumber.

ANSWER: OK  It looks like you have only a couple options. The best being...remove the tank and bring the gasket to a local plumbing supply house.  Nothing beats an eyeball comparison. I would not go to the Depot or Lowes as they usually have a limited selection.
On that note, I would assume the gasket is leaking and that's why you want to replace it. If it is still soft and liable, maybe the bolts just need a little snugging up. There should be no movement of the tank on the bowl and it should not rock front to back either.
The kit you need should have  the long brass tank to bowl nuts, bolts and washers as well as the large gasket.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The gasket is leaking, according to the plumber who changed the shut-off valve, but that may not be the case.  I do know that flushing creates a flood that didn't occur before the valve was replaced.  There is no movement of the tank on the bowl in any direction.  When I slid a rigid ruler into a gap between the tank and bowl to push on the gasket, there is some give.  There is no rocking in any direction.  The distributor I found said I need to bring in the tank for him to tell me what I need.

Bringing in the tank or the old gasket will take all the guess work out of choosing the right gasket for sure. I have to ask...why didn't the plumber who changed the fill valve, change the gasket? Did he cause the leak? He actually left the toilet leaking for you to deal with ? I would call him and insist he repair the tank leak  that he caused (if that's the case)and then scratch him off the list of anyone I would call again.

If you decide to remove the tank and replace the gasket yourself, write back and I can walk you through it. It's not difficult but a little coaching will keep you from buying a new toilet.

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