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hi Jay - I would like to switch out a floor drain toilet with a wall drain wall-mount toilet. Currently, I have 2 bathrooms that have a common wall, back-to-back. I assume they share the same drain. I'm not sure what it looks like under the floor, but I'm guessing that it's somewhat standard procedure to have 2 bathrooms situated like this.

This is in CA and it's a 2nd floor, so there is no access from below. Just wondering if you have any idea how hard it would be to re-route the floor drain to a wall drain. The wall-hanging toilet looks relatively easy to install, but I'm concerned about getting the drain re-routed. I do know that it's all cast iron pipe, so I'm sure whatever I do, it would involve using plastic pipe connected to the iron.

thx for your help

Rob, I don't want to disillusion you but the conversion you are interested in doing will call for a major reconstruction of the walls and the floor. Wall mount toilets require a carrier that the toilet hangs from that is concealed in the wall. These carriers are not able to be installed in a standard 4 1/2 " thick wall. A pipe chase will have to be constructed to accommodate it. Also, the drain and vent is tied to the  carrier piping system. It is rare that wall mount toilets are used in residential applications but not unheard of. The toilet in the other bathroom as well as any fixtures that share the wall will also have to be reconfigured. Few residential plumbers are familiar with commercial toilets such as these so I would suggest you talk to a firm that does these on a regular basis. Lastly, the toilet and carrier systems are expensive offer no real advantage other than being able to clean under them.

If you choose to go this route it is absolutely imperative that the carrier be rock solid with no movement or flex what-so-ever. Think overkill when anchoring it to the wall and floor


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