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I live in a condo, I am on the bottom unit.
My toilet is clogged and will not flush, in addition to that,my bathtub and my toilet both are filled up with sewage.  I have removed the tub stopper and the over flow cap.
I have tried a plunger on both the toilet and the tub, I blocked the overflow opening in the tub  with a rag and tried plunging both of them again and still nothing.  I went to home depot and bought a toilet auger, I tried that and that didn't resolve the problem.
I  went back to Home Depot and bought a hand snake - 25ft Ridgid Kwik-Spin with an auto feed trigger.  I used that on the bathtub (2)times going thru the overflow
opening and (2) times going thru the tub drain. Still nothing resolved, my toilet has overflowed again since then.  I found my clean out pipe under my sink in my other bathroom and have tried the snake on that two times as well.
I should mention that my all other plumbing is working (kitchen, washing machine and my other bath ......

You have a clog in your main line that drains the toilet in question. The best way to clean it is to pull the toilet and run a snake down the line. The trap in the toilet will not allow a snake to  do the job and a snake the size that you have is not  made for three inch diameter lines. Removing the toilet is not difficult. There are two  bolts that hold it to the floor and a water line that needs to be disconnected. Drain all water from the tank and bowl then remove toilet. When you are sure the line is clean, remove a wax  from the bottom of the toilet and from the floor flange the bolts are attached to , install a new wax seal and reset the toilet. OR call a plumber and have it done in half the time and a guarantee it won't leak when complete. 99% of the time the tub is tied directly to the toilet drain or close enough to also  be affected. I'm sure there are videos on youtube that will guide you if you decide to do it yourself.

An trick the old timers used to do is shove a garden hose into the toilet trap as far as you can, seal the trap around the hose with rags and try to flush the clog away. Sometimes it works other times it doesn't. It depends on what's clogging the line

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