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I live in SE Texas. The water in my kitchen stopped working. There is no water coming from the faucet (hot or cold or in the sprayer) and the water going to the refrigerator does not work either. The water works just fine in the rest of the house. The kitchen is in the middle of the house. The bathrooms are on the left side and the washing machine and the hot water heater are on the right side of the house. Again, all of the other water sources work just fine. I have been away from my home for about two months. I had an unexpected major surgery, and then went to my mother's home to recover. Before being hospitalized, the water pressure was low in the kitchen, but upon returning it is now completely non existent. Is there something I can do on my own to fix this without having to get a plumber involved? It is Christmas, and with hospital bills and my six year old son (whose birthday is also next month) I would rather save money and fix it myself if I can. Please help.

What you have is most likely a slug of rust or a mineral deposit that broke loose and is blocking the flow. This type of issue can only be solved by a process of elimination.
First I would remove the spout and cover hole then turn on faucet, if you get water, spout is plugged.
Next  I would shut off the water at the main, open the faucet that has no water and then turn the water back on. No luck..
then turn off main again and disassemble faucet, cold side first, while holding a cup or glass over the stem hole, have someone turn the water on again for 20 seconds or so and see if you get water. If you do, turn of main, reassemble and test. If no water again after test, the faucet is probably plugged.
Following the line back, if there is a shutoff on the line open and close it a couple times as it have be plugged or broken.
Before you do anything,turn off the line going to the refrigerator, if debris get in it it will have to be replaced. You can turn it back on after you get water to the sink.
If none of these ideas work, I'm afraid you may have to call in a reputable plumber.

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